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২৮ ফেবঃ, ২০২০

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) appeals to the people, to all Party State Committees, sympathizers and supporters to collect funds for relief and rehabilitation work for those affected by the communal violence in Delhi. The Delhi State Committee of the CPI(M) will be forming a Solidarity Relief Committee for this purpose.

The communal violence in Delhi has led to a tragic loss of lives, extensive destruction of livelihoods, of homes and property. The areas where the violence took place in North East Delhi have a large population comprising of unorganized workers, working class and lower middle class households of both communities. Thousands have been victims of the violence in different ways. Suffering and distress is widespread in the affected areas.

In such a situation it has to be ensured that relief work is not communalized and is secular in its reach and aims to provide assistance to all sections affected regardless of religious beliefs.

The PB appeals to all to consider this call with urgency and to donate generously. Cheques should be made out to : “Communist Party of India (Marxist)”.

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