Red salute to Martyr Com.Jagadis Chandra Basu

Red Salute to Martyr Com.Jagdish Chandra Basu!

Com.Jagdish Chandra Basu, the Khagaria District Secretary of AIKS and also District Secretariat member of CPI(M) was shot dead by criminals today. A popular leader of the region, former President (Pradhan/Mukhiya) of Meghaona Panchayat he fearlessly fought against feudal landlords and anti-social elements. Today he had gone to his Village to organise help for the victims of the lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 epidemic. The assailants came on motorbikes and shot at him.

He was a much loved leader of the peasants, workers and poor in the region. He was also earlier a member of Jilla Parishad. As a steadfast opponent of feudal landlords who fought for land rights of landless and oppressed, he was seen as a threat by the land mafia. He faced threats from anti-social elements after he led a consistent fight against the murder of a Headmaster and few others. AIKS pledges to carry forward his struggle. We demand arrest of all assailants and conspirators and punishment according to law of the land. AIKS demands that the State Government give his family Rs.1 Crore and Government job for his children. AIKS dips it’s red banner in his memory and expresses condolences to his bereaved family and fellow comrades.

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