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First Politburo Members

Standing Left to Right :
1. P Rammurti , 2. M Basavapunnaiah , 3. E M S Namboodiripad , 4. H K S Surjeet
On Chair Left to Right:
1. Pramode Dasgupta 2. Jyoti Basu 3. P Sundarayya 4. B T Randive , 5. A K Gopalan

The CPI(M) was formed at the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of India held in Calcutta from October 31 to November 7, 1964. The CPI(M) was born in the struggle against revisionism and sectarianism in the communist movement at the international and national level, in order to defend the scientific and revolutionary tenets of Marxism-Leninism and its appropriate application in the concrete Indian conditions. The CPI(M) combines the fine heritage of the anti-imperialist struggle and the revolutionary legacy of the undivided Communist Party which was founded in 1920. Over the years, the Party has emerged as the foremost Left force in the country. The CPI(M) has grown steadily since its formation in 1964. The membership of the Party, which was 118,683 at the time of its formation, has grown to 10,00,520 in 2018. The Party has sought to independently apply Marxism-Leninism to Indian conditions and to work out the strategy and tactics for a people’s democratic revolution, which can transform the lives of the Indian people. The CPI(M) is engaged in bringing about this basic transformation by carrying out a program to end imperialist, big bourgeois and landlord exploitation. The CPI(M) as the leading Left party is committed to building a Left and democratic front which can present a real alternative to the existing bourgeois-landlord policies.

In the last few elections, the CPI(M) has been contesting on an average of 15 percent of the total seats. (India follows the “first past the post” system and not proportional representation) In the 2019 elections to the Lok Sabha (lower house of the Indian Parliament) the CPI(M) won 3 seats. The Lower House of Parliament has a strength of 543. In the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) the CPI(M) has 5 members.
The CPI(M) is currently heading one state government – Kerala. In Kerala, the Left Democratic Front headed by the CPI(M) was elected to office in the elections held in 2016. The Left Front government headed by the CPI(M) was uninterruptedly in power in West Bengal from 1977 up to May 2011. The Left Front headed by CPI(M) was heading the government in Tripura till 2018

The CPI(M) has representation in the following Legislative assemblies in the states of Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Odisha & Maharashtra.

List of General Secretaries:-

Name of the General SecretaryConferenceDate
P. Sundarayya7th Congress, CalcuttaOctober 31-November 07, 1964
P. Sundarayya8th Congress, CochinDecember 23-29, 1968
P. Sundarayya9th Congress, MaduraiJune 27-July 2, 1972
EMS Namboodiripad10th Congress, JullandarApril 02-08, 1978
EMS Namboodiripad11th Congress, VijayawadaJanuary 26-31, 1982
EMS Namboodiripad12th Congress, KolkataDecember 25-29, 1985
EMS Namboodiripad13th Congress, ThiruvananthapuramDecember 27, 1988-Jan. 01, 1989
Harkishan Singh Surjeet14th Congress, MadrasJanuary 03-09, 1992
Harkishan Singh Surjeet15th Congress, ChandigarhApril 3-8, 1995
Harkishan Singh Surjeet16th Congress, KolkataOctober 5-11, 1998
Harkishan Singh Surjeet17th Congress, HyderabadMarch 19-24, 2002
Prakash Karat18th Congress, New DelhiApril 6-11, 2005
Prakash Karat19th Congresses, CoimbatoreMarch 29 to April 03, 2008
Prakash Karat20th Congress, KozhikodeApril 4-9, 2012
Sitaram Yechuri21st Congress, VisakhapatnamApril 2015
Sitaram Yechuri22nd Congress, HyderabadApril 18 – 22, 2018

List of West Bengal State Secretaries:-

Conference Place YearElected Secretary
Metiaburuj 1934 Mani Chattopadhyay
Chandan Nagar 1938-39 Nripen Chakrobarty
Kolkata 1943 Bhabani Sen
Kolkata 1947 Ranen Sen
Kolkata 1951 Mujaffar Ahmed
Kolkata 1953 Jyoti Basu
Kolkata 1956 Jyoti Basu
Kolkata 1959 Jyoti Basu
Bardhaman 1961 Pramod Dasgupta
Kolkata 1964 Pramode Dasgupta
DumDum 1968 Pramode Dasgupta
Medinipur 1972 Pramode Dasgupta
Kolkata 1978 Pramode Dasgupta
Kolkata 1981-82 Pramode Dasgupta
Kolkata 1985 Saroj Mukherjee
Kolkata 1988 Saroj Mukherjee
Shiliguri 1991 Sailen Dasgupta
Kolkata 1995 Sailen Dasgupta
Howrah 1998 Sailen Dasgupta
Kolkata 2002 Anil Biswas
Kamarhati 2005 Anil Biswas
Kolkata 2008 Biman Basu
Kolkata 2012 Biman Basu
Kolkata 2015 Surja Kanta Mishra
Kolkata 2018 Surja Kanta Mishra
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