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২৭ ফেবঃ, ২০২০

Dear Shri Kejriwal ji,

We write to assure you of our Party’s cooperation in efforts to bring peace and communal harmony to Delhi. We have started a house to house campaign with an appeal which we are enclosing. We are fully aware of the constraints under which you work because of the fact that the Delhi police is under the jurisdiction, not of your Government, but the Central Government.

Nevertheless we do believe that certain steps can be additionally taken by your Government. We request you to urgently convene an all party meeting in Delhi to decide how we can unitedly ensure communal harmony and peace in the Capital.

In this context, video images in the public domain of an AAP councilor standing on the roof of his house while petrol bombs and stones are being thrown by people on the roof in his presence, are extremely disturbing. Immediate action must be taken against him by the police. Shri Sanjay Singh, MP has made a welcome statement that no one involved in violence should be spared regardless of political colour or religion. It would also send a strong message to the people of Delhi if you as the head of AAP also took action against him at the organizational level. It would be an example also for those political leaders who are straining every nerve to defend the hate speeches and actions of their partymen.

With regards,


(Brinda Karat)                                                      (K.M.Tewari)

Member, Polit Bureau                        Secretary, Delhi State Committee, CPI(M)

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