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Letter to The Commissioner of Police,New Delhi

The Commissioner of Police,
New Delhi – 110032

Date: Monday, March 2, 2020

Subject: Displaying Information regarding arrests and detentions in compliance with Section 41-C Cr.P.C.

Dear Sri Srivastava ji,

This is in connection with the arrests and detentions in connection with the communal violence which engulfed the north-east area of the Capital. I have read in press reports about the 148 FIRs filed and the numbers of those arrested. I have visited many of the families of those killed as well as those injured. According to their reports they themselves have been unable to file FIRs nor have the police informed them if any FIR has been filed on the attacks made on them.

In this connection the law is clear. Under 41 C of the Cr.P.C. “ (1) a police control room is to be established in all districts. (2) the name and addresses of the persons arrested and the name and designation of the police officer who made the arrests is to be displayed (3) the control room of the Police hq at the State level shall collect from time to time details about the [persons arrested, nature of the offence and maintain a database for the information of the general public.”

Despite the express mandate of law, the names and addresses of all arrested persons are not being displayed at the Police Control Room. Not only this, the details are not being displayed at each individual police station as well.
In light of the incidents and prevailing circumstances, you would appreciate the need for strict compliance with this provision, as such transparency and compliance of the legal mandate will go a long way towards dispelling rumours and misinformation that are plaguing the lives of all those affected. This is to request you to ensure compliance with this legal requirement and continue towards restoring normalcy in the region.

Yours Sincerely,

Brinda Karat

Copy to: DCP, North East, Delhi

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