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Delhi Violence: Letter to Home Minister

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Smt. Brinda Karat, Member, Polit Bureau of CPI(M) and Shri K. M. Tewari, Secretary, Delhi State Committee of CPI(M) have written the following letter to Shri Amit Shah, Minister for Home Affairs, Government of India on the serious situation in Delhi.  We are herewith releasing the text of the letter for publication.

Dear Shri Amit Shah ji,

The tragic death of a police constable and the deaths of six citizens in the shocking incidents of violence in the Capital are of deep concern. We strongly condemn those responsible for the death of the police constable and for the violence in Delhi. The Delhi police and related agencies are under the control of your Ministry and therefore we are addressing this letter to you. We have requested your office for an appointment so that we can share our concerns.

The protests against the CAA led mainly by women have been peaceful. For the last two months there have been no incidents of violence in Delhi except those incidents of firing at the protesters by men who were incited to violence by a Minister in the Central Government. This should have alerted the police and intelligence agencies to efforts being made by certain elements to disrupt the peaceful protests and give a communal colour to them.

However, either intelligence agencies failed or their reports were ignored.

On Sunday, a BJP leader Kapil Mishra had openly given a call for forcibly removing the protesters from various sites. Detailed reports and video images are available of the highly provocative and communal slogans given by groups of men armed with lathis and bricks in the areas surrounding the protest sites. A journalist’s account is graphic evidence of the communal nature of the mobilization by groups to disrupt and attack the protest sites. This has led to violent clashes and retaliatory violence. The image of a man waving a revolver at a police personnel and then firing, later identified as one Shahrukh also shows the involvement of criminal elements in the retaliation.

It is also shocking that as shown in video images, one section of the police force acted in the most unprofessional manner joining a mob pelting stones. Strong action must be taken against them as the credibility of the Delhi police of being an impartial force has been severely dented.

The main need now is for an impartial and just intervention to ensure peace in the Capital. As Home Minister, people of the Capital hoped that you would make an immediate intervention for peace and were disappointed that your appeal for peace came after a delay of a day and a half.

We also request to you to follow up your appeal by also ensuring that political forces under your influence will heed the need for peace. Your intervention for peace will allay apprehensions among the public that the incidents of the last two days are “Badla” against people of Delhi for election results.  In this context action against Kapil Mishra will bring confidence to the people that you are indeed taking impartial steps for peace and against troublemakers.  All those involved in spreading hatred and violence, regardless of their political connections and colour should be arrested.

We also request you to ensure that no troublemakers from outside Delhi are allowed to enter the Capital.

We also have appealed to our workers and supporters to work for peace in the Capital and assure you that we will cooperate in all respects to restore peace and ensure communal harmony in the Capital of India.

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