1. Any person residing in India, eighteen years of age or above who accepts the Programme and Constitution of the Party, agrees to work in one of the Party organisations, to pay regularly the Party membership dues (fee and levy as may be prescribed) and to carry out the decisions of the Party shall be eligible for Party membership.
  2. (a) New members are admitted to the Party through individual application on the recommendation of two Party members. Party members who recommend an applicant must furnish the Party Branch or the unit concerned, full information about the applicant from personal knowledge and with due sense of responsibility. The Party Branch shall make recommendation to the next higher committee, if the applicant is to be admitted. The next higher committee takes a decision on all recommendations.
    (b) All Party committees higher to the Party Branch and up to the Central Committee level have the power to directly admit new members to the Party.
  3. (a) All applications for Party membership must be placed before the appropriate committee within a month of their presentation and recommendation.
    (b) If the applicant is admitted to the Party, he or she shall be regarded as a candidate member for a period of one year commencing from the date of such admission.
  4. If a leading member from another political party of local, district or state level comes to the Party, in addition to the sanction of Local Party Committee or District or State Committee, it is necessary to have the sanction of the next higher committee of the Party before he or she is admitted to membership of the Party. In exceptional cases the Central Committee or the State Committee can admit such members to full membership of the Party. And whenever a State Committee admits such members it should obtain previous sanction from the Central Committee.
  5. Members once expelled from the Party can be re-admitted only by the decision of the Party Committee which confirmed their expulsion or by a higher committee.
  6. Candidate members have the same duties and rights as full members except that they have no right to elect or be elected, or to vote on any motion.
  7. The Party Branch recommending or the Party committee admitting candidate members shall arrange for their elementary education on the Programme, Constitution and the current policies of the Party and observe their development, through providing for their functioning as members of a Party Branch or unit.
  8. By the end of the period of candidature, the Party Branch or Party committee concerned shall discuss whether the candidate member is qualified to full membership. If a candidate member is found unfit, the Party Branch or committee shall cancel his or her candidate membership. A report on admission to full membership shall be regularly forwarded by the Branch or the Party committee concerned to the next higher committee.
  9. The higher committee may, on scrutiny of the report, alter or modify any such decision after consultation with the Branch or the Party committee which has submitted the report. The District and State Committee will exercise supervisory power over the recruitment of candidates and over admissions to full membership and have the right to modify or reject the decision of the lower committee in this respect.
  10. A Party member may transfer his or her membership from one unit to another, with the approval of his or her unit and by sending his or her application through his or her unit to the higher unit under whose jurisdiction the concerned unit functions.

Party Pledge

Every person joining the Party shall sign the Party Pledge. This Pledge shall be: “I accept the aims and objectives of the Party and agree to abide by its Constitution and loyally to carry out decisions of the Party.
“I shall strive to live up to the ideals of communism and shall selflessly serve the working class and the toiling masses and the country, always placing the interests of the Party and the people above personal interests.”

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